Revitalizing Virginia Beach Smiles

Dental Implants Virginia Beach

Our restorative dentistry solutions not only renew dental function but also restore pride and confidence. A damaged smile can negatively impact your appearance, your health, and your quality of life. That is why your dentist Dr. Gowda works with our patients to craft solutions that address their unique needs and preferences. Whether you need a dental crown, one or more replacement teeth, or full-mouth restoration, you will experience a level of service and care that we think you will find refreshing.

At Little Neck Family Dentistry, we offer a broad array of restorative dentistry services in Virginia Beach to help revitalizes smiles and lives. Seeing the beautiful smiles and renewed confidence of our patients drives us to provide long-lasting, economical solutions that deliver excellent results. Using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art tools, we can help you overcome dental difficulties to achieve a strong, healthy smile regardless of the condition of your smile.

No matter the condition of your smile, we can help you overcome dental difficulties to achieve a strong, healthy smile.

Our restorative dentistry treatment options include:

Crown and bridge work: A custom-made bridge secured with dental crowns replaces one more missing teeth in a row to renew damaged smiles.

Dental implants: Nicknamed “nature’s mimic” because of their completely realistic look, feel and function, dental implants are an increasingly popular and proven way to replace missing teeth. Patients who want a worry-free smile often choose dental implants.

Dentures and partials: Made from natural-looking materials and utilizing current techniques, today’s dentures and partials provide an economical alternative to replace multiple missing teeth.

Porcelain crowns: Crafted of high-quality dental porcelain, a crown restores the function and appearance of a compromised tooth and blends seamlessly with your smile.

White fillings: Custom-tinted to match your natural smile, white fillings renew the integrity and comfort of teeth damaged by decay. The material used to create white fillings forms an extremely strong bond to prevent additional damage.

As our restorative dentistry patient in Virginia Beach, VA, you will benefit from your dentist’s experience and expertise in crafting beautiful smiles through a comprehensive treatment plan. Simply call or email us at Little Neck Family Dentistry to find out more.